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Re: HELP: java path and classpath question


Unless a program has been ported to and compiled with Cygwin headers and 
libraries it is a Windows program and knows nothing of POSIX (Unix-style) 
file names and PATH (-type) variables. Cygwin programs will understand both 
kinds of arguments. To be more precise, the Cygwin libraries take either 
kind of file name, but a program that was only minimally ported to Cygwin 
might make its own assumptions about what a file name looks like, and could 
misinterpret a Windows-style name.

The Java tools from Sun have _not_ been ported to Cygwin, and hence you 
must supply arguments in the Windows format.

Good luck.


At 14:39 2002-02-11, you wrote:
>He Randall, thanks a lot for the message.
>The java compiler I am using is called generic java (with extended utility 
>classes, see 
>those environment variables and alias are set in .bashrc. "gjc" is 
>supposed to compile java source files containing templates into stardard 
>class files.
>I am confused with cygwin- and window-style paths. A simple question is 
>which style to use in order to invoke window java vm, and if window-style 
>path is the one to be used, how to put it in a file like .bashrc.
>Thanks again.

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