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patch oddities.

I'm new to Cygwin so don't know if this is the best place to report this. If
not, please let me know.

I installed patch 2.5-2 using Cygwin Setup. I tried to apply a patch that
was stored on /cygdrive/c to some files in ~. Using the -i option to specify
the patch file told me that there was "No such file or directory". But I
used tab completion to find the file so I knew it existed. Using the "<"
operator instead of "-i" did find the file, though.

Even though it found the file using the "<" operator, patch didn't work. I
got this message:

Assertion failed: hunk, file ..\patch.c, line 325

So I used Cygwin Setup to download the source for patch to see what was up
with that assertion. I opened up patch.c and jumped to line 325. There is no
assertion there. But 9 lines down on line 334 there is an assertion with a
single parameter of "hunk". That got me thinking that maybe the binary
version of patch wasn't recompiled with these (newer?) sources.

So I configure, make, and test the new patch.exe and everything works fine
now. The "-i" option can find files on /cygdrive/c and the patch was applied
successfully. (Though there was some line ending issues that I haven't
figured out yet--I don't know if that was caused by patch or me, though.)

Is it possible that the executable version of patch needs to be recompiled?

One more thing, the man page for patch wasn't installed after I first
installed everything (same for diff) but after rebuilding patch from source,
the man page is there. But I didn't type make install. Does anybody know how
that happened?


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