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Is window manipulation available in perl?

First, please excuse the newbie question.  I don't think this is
off-topic, but my judgement isn't the one that counts. ;-) I've done a
good bit of searching with google, faqs, and posting to
comp.lang.perl.misc, but can't figure this out...

I'm using the most recent cygwin port of perl (revision 5.0 version 6
subversion 1) on windows 2000.  I want to send "alt+f x" to an Outlook
Express window from a perl script.  It seems that ActiveState Perl can
do this with the Win32::Setupsup package, but that the vanilla perl
(or cygwin's perl) cannot do this?

I tried to install the Win32-CtrlGUI-0.22 package from but it
requires Win32::Setupsup which is not on  I found this
package on but it seems to require ppm.  I found
references to ppm at but it appears to be a feature of
ActivePerl rather than of "just perl".

So the question is: "how to I send keystrokes to a Windows window with
cygwin Perl"?

I'm using cygwin tools heavily in this perl script and I'd hate to
have to use ActiveState perl.  Partly because I love cygwin and partly
because the path translation between a non-cygwin perl and cygwin
tools would introduce messiness I'd like to avoid.

Suggestions welcome. 
Robert Mecklenburg

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