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Re: a problem with search path? (was: Multiple backslashes)

Randall R Schulz <> writes:

> Did you read the manual sections I referred you to?


> CYGWIN=glob (withour without ":ignorecase") vs. CYGWIN=noglob _only_
> pertains when a non-Cygwin process invokes a Cygwin binary.
> Thus, "CYGWIN=[no]glob" is irrelevant when you're invoking a program
> (either Cygwin or Win32) from BASH (Cygwin).

I realize that. I just used "bash inside bash" example to show that the
problem is inside Cygwin/bash, not in cmd<->cygwin or
CreateProcess()<->cygwin interface.

> You need to reason about what's happening, not try to apply a single
> cookbook formula. At a minimum, you must know how many times globbing
> (and, hence, escaping) will be applied to any given string.

I understand all this (I hope). And then I run

C:\>set CYGWIN=noglob
C:\>bash -c "c:\\cygwin\\bin\\ls.exe"
bash: c:\cygwin\bin\ls.exe: command not found

from cmd.exe, I expect that it should work (if not, could you finally
explain me there I am mistaken in this very case and rewrite it
properly). It does not. But in the same time any of the following works:

C:\>set CYGWIN=noglob
C:\>bash -c "c:/cygwin\\bin\\ls.exe"

C:\>set CYGWIN=noglob
C:\>bash -c "..\\bin\\ls.exe"  (c:\cygwin\bin is in the PATH)

That's why I think that the problem is that Cygwin (or bash) fails to
understand that "c:\\cygwin\\bin\\ls.exe" is the _absolute_ path, and tries
to locate ls using PATH directories. I see relatively long delay and HDD
LED blinking before "command not found" message appears (of course if
search directories are not in the file cache). Don't you think that all
this have nothing to do with globbing?

Hope to hear from you soon,

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