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RE: cygrunsrv does not start sshd in 1 out of 40 installs


never gets started means that cygrunsrv does not seam to exec /usr/sbin/sshd
at all (we've replaced the exec with somthing else to try this). Started
with invoker, there is NO delay in starting the sshd. Just the same as for
the installations with a working cygrunsrv. The long startup only occurs on
systems where the service doesn't start.

Again, this is NOT a startup issue. Just toi make it clear, this is trying
to start the sshd daemon while the system is running (days after the last
restart even) with being logged in using PCAnywhere from remote and haveing
filesystems mapped. So I'm shure that networking is operational ;-)

I personally doubt that this is a permission problem. There is no indication
to this (remember, once started by invoker, sshd just runs as usual). 

Mit besten Grüssen, 
Kind regards,

Patrick Hildenbrand

> Patrick Hildenbrand
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Subject: Re: cygrunsrv does not start sshd in 1 out of 40 installs

> I did follow this discussion, but this one is totally unrelated as the
> startup fails every time using cygrunsrv and works ok every time using
> invoker AND because sshd even never gets started.

sshd never gets started, or never executes?  IIRC "service starts" means
that it does something magic within 30 seconds of getting executed;
otherwise it gets registered as failed to start.  That doesn't mean the
program didn't run.  As for invoker, I do not know what it does -- it
could run just enough slower that the other service has a chance to

You may of course be completely right, the problem could be elsewhere. 
Just make sure that's the case -- don't dismiss the possibility without

I probably can't help you much more as I haven't had this type of
service start-up problem, only permission issues that were fairly
trivial to solve.  Try checking the multitude of permission-related
issues people have solved and reported previously on this list.

Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.
	--Malcolm Muggeridge

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