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cygwin C++ DLLs and inter-operation with M$OFT

To anyone who can help,

We've been having some fun creating DLLs that need to be loaded by some
Visual C++ code.  The code in the dll itself, ie. the interface is C so
there aren't any name mangling problems.  However, using v3.0.3 of GCC we
get unresolved symbol errors for any libstdc++ we do within the dll.  These
errors don't occur after using the -V 2.95.3-5 option to gcc to revert to
the originally packaged compiler - I had a good poke around but I couldn't
work out why the symbols couldn't be resolved.

Anyway, after reverting to 2.95.3-5, our test code compiles but when we call
any cygwin dll code (from the VS application) we get an exception error in
cygwin1.dll - if the code uses any stdlib type stuff (such as memory
allocation, printf etc).  There is no C++ code in there at all now.

I've read through the faqs and documentation and searched the mailing list
but I can't find any fixes for this problem (although a couple of other
people do mention it).  Is there just some obvious initialisation stuff I'm
missing somewhere?


Q-Games, Dylan Cuthbert.

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