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RE: cygrunsrv does not start sshd in 1 out of 40 installs

just some more info. There is a timing issue with initializing the cygwin
code on the machines where cygrunsrv fails to start. As posted invoker
starts sshd but sshd won't respond to any connection requests for about a
1.5 minutes (after which it works fine). So this sounds to me as the most
likly reason. 

Now anybody some hints on what might happen there ? Anything I could try to
nail down the problem ?

Mit besten Grüssen, 
Kind regards,

Patrick Hildenbrand

> Patrick Hildenbrand
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From: Hildenbrand, Patrick 
Sent: Mittwoch, 13. Februar 2002 12:05
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Subject: RE: cygrunsrv does not start sshd in 1 out of 40 installs

The problem is with cygrunsrv failing to initialize. Not even the first line
of code is getting executed. Searching for StartServiceCtrlDispatcherA, I
could find an other thread from last year, discussing the same problem:

What I tried at the end was sending log events to the eventlog jsut before
the line
  appname = argv[0];
in main. Not even these events did show up in the eventlog, if the service
could not be started. If the service can be started however, all
eventlogentries did show up.

BTW: executing cygrunsrv on the commandline works on all systems and the
eventlog shows the expected entries.

any guesses on why the cygwin.dll might hang on initialization the way it is
used by cygrunsrv as discussed in the other thread ?

Mit besten Grüssen, 
Kind regards,

Patrick Hildenbrand

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