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RE: /usr/bin/env - Incorrect parsing of #! line?

At 15:25 13-2-2002, Gerald S. Williams wrote:
>I think DG's and PJA's original assessment was correct and
>BASH should be modified. Support for cross-platform scripts
>is important, and the #!/bin/env trick is used frequently.

Not so sure it's a bash thing.
Ash and zsh on Cygwin do exactly the same.

>Solaris (System V) systems don't combine #! arguments
>that way. I don't currently have access to any, but from
>what I can recall, I'm pretty sure that SunOS (BSD) and
>the various flavors of HP and VAX UNIXes all work like
>Solaris in this regard.

HP-UX 10.20 behaves the same as Cygwin and Linux with bash, ksh and sh.

>I have also seen examples in popular Unix books (such
>as the O'Reilly nutshell books) that rely on multiple

Well, those are not portable examples, then.

  - Michael

     I always wondered about the meaning of life.   So I looked it
     up in the dictionary under "L" and there it was - the meaning
     of life.  It was not what I expected.                  - Dogbert 

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