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Cygwin Registry Entries and Scriptability?

Hi all.  I'm using Wise Installer to package and script an upgrade utility
for Windows machines.  As part of this package, I'm using Cygwin's bash.exe,
rsync.exe, and the latest cygwin1.dll.  At the moment, I'm just copying
these three files to the hard disk on the target machine, then launching a
bash.exe process with various arguments to rsync.exe to perform an rsync
over the net.

I've heard that the way I'm doing it might not be correct, mostly because
the full setup of Cygwin provides registry entries concerning mount points,
so that, for instance, the directive /cygdrive/c/windows/desktop means
something to Cygwin utilities.

But what I'm finding with my testing is that every time I run bash.exe on a
machine with no other Cygwin install, these registry entries are created
dynamically.  I suspect cygwin1.dll is doing this when it's called by

To all appearances, then, a full install of Cygwin seems redundant, since I
can reference /cygdrive/c and get my work finished just fine without it.

I'd like confirmation or denial of this, because I'd like to move forward
without scripting a full Cygwin installation, using only these three files.
Thanks for any help.

Daemian Mack

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