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RE: Cygwin Registry Entries and Scriptability?

> >I'd like confirmation or denial of this, because I'd like to 
> move forward
> >without scripting a full Cygwin installation, using only 
> these three files.
> I'm not sure what you mean by a "full Cygwin installation, 
> using only these
> three files".  To people on this list, a full Cygwin 
> installation is more
> than just the three files you indicate.

*Without* scripting the full installation.  From the viewpoint of my install
package, it's infinitely easier to copy three files into a temporary working
directory, run them, then delete them, without worrying about a full
installation of Cygwin.

> It's worth noting that the installation you're describing would be 
> considered a custom one by this list and should come with its own 
> support channel.  This list can't be it.  I suspect that 
> you're aware of
> this but in case you're not, it's an important point to consider.

I do realize this.  What I'm asking is no more than this: is a full Cygwin
installation required in order for bash.exe to use rsync.exe to read from
and write to the local Windows filesystem?  Or are these two files -- plus
the cygwin.dll -- sufficient for this purpose?

Thanks for the quick response, by the way.

Daemian Mack

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