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Re: cygwin Digest 15 Feb 2002 08:06:45 -0000 Issue 1759


Is this presentation public domain? So it could be
used in classroom networking classes at a uni to 
help explain socket programming? I think it could be
helpful to others, as well. I think there are a few
professors who read the list.

> I'm sorry, I doesn't know that. You can find a
> viewer under
> This presentation is a journey of the linux tcp and
> unix domain socket implementation and show very nice
> how the
> implementation works. An english translation is
> appended :-)
> Perhaps we can use it to create soemthing similar
> for cygwin. I think there are only changes nesessary
> in the
> functions names and functions levels, but the basics
> are the same.
> Please be patiented with the presentation, I think
> the first pages will bore you, so skip to chapter 3,
> there are
> the interesting thinks. I think this could be a good
> starting point for discussion. Especially for guys,
> who are
> not very familiar with unix sockets (like I was)
> Perhaps it would be good to give some hints, in the
> faq I haven't nothin about this topic ?
> Ralf

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