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Win32 Core for Cygwin-Perl [was: Is window manipulation available in perl?]

On 12 Feb 2002 at 9:04, Robert Mecklenburg wrote:

>First, please excuse the newbie question.  I don't think this is
>off-topic, but my judgement isn't the one that counts. ;-) I've done a
>good bit of searching with google, faqs, and posting to
>comp.lang.perl.misc, but can't figure this out...

>I'm using the most recent cygwin port of perl (revision 5.0 version 6
>subversion 1) on windows 2000.  I want to send "alt+f x" to an Outlook
>Express window from a perl script.  It seems that ActiveState Perl can
>do this with the Win32::Setupsup package, but that the vanilla perl
>(or cygwin's perl) cannot do this?

Thus what you mean is, "If I could install this package ..."

>I tried to install the Win32-CtrlGUI-0.22 package from but it
>requires Win32::Setupsup which is not on  I found this
>package on but it seems to require ppm.  I found

Actually it is on CPAN which is scary enough! Read on.

>references to ppm at but it appears to be a feature of
>ActivePerl rather than of "just perl".

Interesting point. From my first viewing, it seems that though you may have 
other functions in Win32::CtrlGUI you want to use, the actual "send keys" 
dependancy comes from Win32::Setupsup, which depends on Win32::Registry.

Now the real problem here is you can't install/use Win32::Setupsup. So, 
complain to the author! Please. The author has not provided a standard build 
for his module and therefore it beats me why it in on CPAN. So complain 
there as well.

On the dark side :-) While some Win32 modules can be built on cygwin (perl) 
the current perl build here does not include some of the Win32 CORE that 
goes into an ActiveState build. And you guessed it, Win32::Registry is one 
of them.

Sooo, I'll keep this *On-Topic* by throwing up the question, "Is there some 
reason why we cannot include the Win32 Core in the Cygwin-Perl build?" I 
meant to look at this a while ago, but ummm, well..., the usual stuff!! I'm 
therefore asking you Gerrit, Can you look into this?
It would go a long way towards eliminating these "Why can I do this with 
ActivePerl but not on Cygwin?" questions. Which are reasonably founded.


Neil Lunn

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