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Re: inetd utilities startup


You say that you put Cygwin's bin directory in your PATH variable, but you 
did not say whether you put it in the system-wide PATH (the lower list of 
variables in the System control panel's environment display) or that of the 
current user (at the time you added it)--the upper list in the environment 
variable display. In order for services to find a binary or DLL, it must be 
in the system-wide PATH.

Don't use quotes when setting environment variables in the System control 

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 19:46 2002-02-16, dave wrote:
>I'm running I bellieve it's Cygwin 1.3.9, I just downloaded it today on my 
>win2ksp2 box. I've got c:\cygwin\bin first on my path before anything 
>else, I've used:
>         ./inetd --install-as-service
>to install inetd as a service, purpose being I want ftp capabilities to 
>this box. On an aside does anyone know if proftpd will work under cygwin? 
>Back to my problem, the --install-as-service goes flawlessly yet when I 
>try to start inetd either from net start inetd or from service control 
>manager it complains that it can't find cygwin1.dll. I've checked in 
>c:\cygwin\bin and cygwin1.dll is in fact there. Does anyone have any 
>On a secondary note, when setting my CYGWIN environment variable I want it 
>set to binmode tty ntsec when setting it in the advanced tab of system 
>properties do I enclose those values in "" such as "binmode tty ntsec" or 
>just enter them as is?

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