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Re: Why not a news server?


Well, this news server certainly does not address the issue of archive 
searching, as it goes back only a few days (as of this writing, the 
earliest posting still there is from Feb. 06, 2002). My own local archive 
of goes back to Jan 01, 2001. Using Eudora I can do 
multi-criteria search with AND or OR combination, optionally restricted to 
particular headers or the body and if necessary I can use regular 
expressions as the search criteria.

I really don't see how that can be improved upon by any on-line archive.

My year and ~1.5 months of Cygwin archives requires 48 megabytes. That 
seems pretty reasonable to me, considering the cheapness of mass storage.

Note, too, that given the nature of the mailbox files' contents (all text, 
usually 7-bit at that), even Windows compression is quite effective, 
reducing the file's physical size to between .6 and .65 of that of the 
uncompressed original.

Here's what I do: When the size of a given list's primary mailbox becomes 
uncomfortably large, I split off an archive mailbox file from the main 
mailbox, give it a date-stamped alternative name and apply Windows file 
compression. All together, this has saved me a little over 200 megabytes of 
disk space (!).

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 05:39 2002-02-17, you wrote:
>Christopher Faylor <> writes:
> > If you feel this strongly about a news server then I see no reason why
> > you shouldn't set one up.  I'll be happy to advertise the service on
> > the cygwin web site.
>There is a nntp gateway of this group at
>       < nntp:// >
> > I have several other great ideas which I'll be happy to share with you
> > once you've gotten your service set up.
>       < nntp:// >
>is the place to discuss the gmane groups.

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