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cygreadline5.dll redux

This file appears to be missing.

Before someone jumps on my case and says "Search the archives"
I'd like to point out that

a) The archives are highly polluted with messages containing
    cygcheck output that lists cygreadline5.dll.  A search for
    just "cygreadline5.dll" returns hundreds of hits most of which
    have nothing to do with the problem.

b) The archive search engine is too stupid to understand
    quoted strings meaning adjacency, so that searching for
    'cygrealine5.dll "not found"' is equivalent to searching
    for the individual words.  Since 'found' appears in cygcheck
    output, this does not reduce the number of hits at all.

Could someone please either answer the question as to why
some packages still require this library even though it does
not appear to be included in the distribution, and then
add the answer to the FAQ?


James Garrison                                Athens Group, Inc.                    5608 Parkcrest Dr                    Austin, TX 78731
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