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Re: How to create a windows link in script?


Well, I was going to say this:

If this is a one-off sort of thing, just use Windows Explorer (i.e., the 
Properties dialog) to set the icon on the ".lnk" file (shortcut) that 
results from invoking "ln -s <original> <link>".

However, I find that the resulting .lnk file won't allow the icon to be 
changed. I get an error alert when I try to "Apply" the changed icon 
("Unable to save changes to gvi.lnk"; "Access is denied."). This is true 
even after I go to the Security pane of the link/shortcut's Properties 
dialog and enable "Full Control" and "Modify" permissions, apply them, 
close the dialog, come back in and try all over again. The permissions 
change "takes" but I still cannot set the icon.

I wonder what's up here? This is an up-to-date Cygwin (1.3.9), NTFS file 
system and CYGWIN=ntsec. My BASH "umask" is 2, but I did a chmod 777 
afterward (as well as interactively changing the permissions as I mentioned 

Can anybody clue me in on what's happening with this?


Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 10:07 2002-02-19, Roland Glenn McIntosh wrote:
>I would like to be able to create a .lnk file to a batch file (and ideally 
>associate an icon with it) from a bash script on a Windows 2000 machine.
>Does anyone have any suggestions?
>I think "ln -s" used to work, but has since been improved?  Anyway, this 
>does not provide the functionality for the icon.

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