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Re: cygreadline5.dll redux

On Tue, Feb 19, 2002 at 11:24:51AM -0600, James Garrison wrote:
>This file appears to be missing.
>Before someone jumps on my case and says "Search the archives"
>I'd like to point out that
>a) The archives are highly polluted with messages containing
>   cygcheck output that lists cygreadline5.dll.  A search for
>   just "cygreadline5.dll" returns hundreds of hits most of which
>   have nothing to do with the problem.
>b) The archive search engine is too stupid to understand
>   quoted strings meaning adjacency, so that searching for
>   'cygrealine5.dll "not found"' is equivalent to searching
>   for the individual words.  Since 'found' appears in cygcheck
>   output, this does not reduce the number of hits at all.
>Could someone please either answer the question as to why
>some packages still require this library even though it does
>not appear to be included in the distribution, and then
>add the answer to the FAQ?

Hmm.  A mailing list search of the stupid search engine with
"cygreadline5.dll not found" unearthed this within a few clicks:

If this doesn't answer the question, then I don't know what the
question is.


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