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Re: Registry freedom

> >The Cygwin + custom GNU tools
> >installer I created installs this tools for system wide use by various
> >product installers.  The default location is %SystemDrive%\wrtools to
> >avoid cluttering an existing C:\cygwin.
> It would hardly be cluttering to produce an /opt/wrtools.  That's what
> you'd do on linux or something similar.  You wouldn't create your own
> bin directory somewhere off the root on UNIX.

For UNIX tools in a UNIX environment yes. My need is to control a
separate, 'stable' cygwin.dll + GNU tools installation. I can't put it
in RH distro /. It can cause both of us support problems. It is also
kind of installing the 'stable' distro in the /opt dir of an existing
one. It got to be separate.

> >Some users might have various versions and is not a good practice to
> >mess up what they have.  I really don't want folks to be creative and
> >make changes to the stuff I rely on.  They can play with c:\cygwin if
> >they want to.  I also advocate the slogan "you package it, you maintain
> >it".
> That's fine, but none of this is really a goal for cygwin as I see it.

I can see your point. I thought that other users might need this too.
The lack of replies from other folks tell the story. I will put this on
my to-do list. I still believe it is worth looking into.

> >When the user starts a WR product installer he/she will be prompted for
> >a location to install for that media.  The product install dir has no
> >connection whatsoever with the location of the Unix emulator providing
> >the POSIX API.
> Ok.  Then the mount table doesn't really matter at all.  Just ignore it.
> Use /cygdrive/whatever for everything.

That is what I thought in the beginning. What I discover later was that
yes I can start my own BASH with my own cygwin1.dll version but the DLL
read the existing mount table. One need to make sure there are no mount
points in the BASH path to avoid using stuff from the existing

> I'm always open to inspecting actual
> source code patches.  Until then, I think my stance on "good ideas"
> should be well known in this mailing list.
> cgf

Time allowing I will try to take a closer look and see what is the
magnitude of the change. You will definitely see a patch if I will be
able to make it work. Thank you Christopher.

Doru Carastan

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