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Re: Problems compiling latest snapshot - cygwin-src-20020219.tar.bz2

> The latest snapshot as in the subject fails to compile. The error
> occures when the make commands tries to execute in winsup/w32api,
> which is empty. The snapshot itself does contain a win32 directory
> but its empty. I check the source of the stock 1.3.9-1 and it doesn't
> have any files in the w32api directory. This makes me think that this
> question maybe have an answer and the post may be considred RTFM or
> stupid or something else :) Still I'd like to ask it - are there
> any other steps that should be done to build the cygwin dll except
> downloading the snapshot and configuring in separate dir ?
Download the sources to w32api and make a symlink. IIRC the currently
released w32api package has a missing #define which needs to go in winnt.h:
I believe this has been in CVS for a while and therefore will show up in the
next package (if it has not already).


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