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Re: cygwin!


I don't know what this is supposed to help with, because Cygwin will launch 
non-Cygwin programs just fine, and that includes the full suite of Java SDK 
tools, the JRE subset thereof and any program written in Java and requiring 
one of the previous two.

There is exactly no advantage to using CMD.exe to initiate a Java SDK tool, 
or the Java interpreter of JRE.

I have no idea what a Java ".exe" file might be, but if it is some sort of 
wrapper meant to create the illusion that a Java program is directly 
executable (by supplying the invocation of the Java interpreter), that too 
is irrelevant to whether the program is invoked from a Cygwin context (a 
shell or some other Cygwin-linked executable using one of the POSIX 
exec...() calls) or from a native Win32 program.

If you want to pass Cygwin / POSIX names to a Java program or Java SDK 
tool, you'll have to translate them first by applying "cygpath -w" and / or 
"cygpath -w -p" to arguments or environment variables that will be 
interpreted by the Java program or the JVM (as file or directory names or 
as PATH-like variables).

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 12:00 2002-02-19, you wrote:
>Well, a quick search of the cygwin mailing list about Java would have 
>unfortunately told you that Java is not "cygwin-aware". I run javac from 
>cmd.exe for this reason. You might try wrapping your Java program in a 
>script like:
>CMD.EXE /c "javaprog.exe"
>Hope it helps.
>--- "pramod m." <> wrote:
> > if i write a simple java program that uses a
> > BufferedReader reader object wrapped from
> > and then try to read a line from user and then echo
> > it back, cygwin for some reason already has stuff on
> > the stream and so without waiting for the user to
> > type something in the program fetches that and
> > prints it out (it is usually) just a newline.  why
> > does this happen!
> >
> > i know it's not the program because it works in
> > djgpp and other platforms.

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