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Make 3.79.1 - dependency checking & previous versions

We've recently moved to GNU Make 3.79.1 (from 3.77) on Windows NT and
have noticed that on a large project there is a noticeable drop in speed
during the automatic dependency checking which is done at the beginning
of a build.

Our dependency checking is done in a standard enough way (a .d file for
each object file, with the .d file containing all the dependencies, and
all the .d file included from a centralised makefile).  The examination
of all the dependencies using 3.79.1 takes roughly 140 seconds, where it
was about 22 seconds with 3.77. I was just wondering if anyone else had
noticed/investigated this behaviour and could provide some pointers in
my investigation. (I have scoured the cygwin site, the release notes,
this mailing archive and google (web & groups) but no luck thus far).

It would be handy if I could pin the slowdown to a specific version of
make, but I can't find any cygwin install packages for any version other
than 3.79.1-5.  Is there an archive anywhere for old cygwin packages
(again, I looked but didn't find)?  As far as I can see from,
there were two versions (3.78.1, 3.79) between 3.77 and 3.79.1.

Any ideas warmly welcomed,


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