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Re: Make 3.79.1 - dependency checking & previous versions

At 12:39 PM 2/20/2002, John Segrave \(x3254\) wrote:
>We've recently moved to GNU Make 3.79.1 (from 3.77) on Windows NT and
>have noticed that on a large project there is a noticeable drop in speed
>during the automatic dependency checking which is done at the beginning
>of a build.
>Our dependency checking is done in a standard enough way (a .d file for
>each object file, with the .d file containing all the dependencies, and
>all the .d file included from a centralised makefile).  The examination
>of all the dependencies using 3.79.1 takes roughly 140 seconds, where it
>was about 22 seconds with 3.77. I was just wondering if anyone else had
>noticed/investigated this behaviour and could provide some pointers in
>my investigation. (I have scoured the cygwin site, the release notes,
>this mailing archive and google (web & groups) but no luck thus far).

I haven't seen this particular issue discussed on the mailing list.  
AFAIK, you're the first to mention it.

>It would be handy if I could pin the slowdown to a specific version of
>make, but I can't find any cygwin install packages for any version other
>than 3.79.1-5.  Is there an archive anywhere for old cygwin packages
>(again, I looked but didn't find)?  As far as I can see from,
>there were two versions (3.78.1, 3.79) between 3.77 and 3.79.1.

Officially, there is only the cygwin archive.  I'm guessing earlier versions
were removed from there due to lack of space.  My personal archive goes back
to June 27, 2000 for make, but that only gets back to make-3.79-3.  There
were obviously 2 3.79 releases before that, but I don't know if 3.78.1 was
ever a Cygwin package.  Anyway, it would've be pretty old if it did exist. ;-)

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