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Re: Getting all "man" pages?

Is there any reason this isn't part of the cygwin
distro.? I would have thought they went along with
libc, etc.

I can think of a couple of reasons: size, extra
maintenance time. Both fair enough. But I wonder if it
isn't a hassle if it might be a good idea. I remember
back to my DJGPP days where there was a source, binary
and doco package - perhaps there is scope to do the
same with Cygwin (so setup has a doco option as well
as a source option).

What are the thoughts on this?

- Brett

> At 02:33 PM 2/20/2002, Alan Huang wrote:
> >Dear all,
> >     May I ask that how do I obtain most other
> "man" pages that exist in
> >Linux but not in Cygwin when you install Cygwin?
> I'm especially looking for
> >"man" documents for most C functions. eg.
> gethostbyname()  I'm sorry that I
> >might be asking stupid, newbie questions, but I
> really couldn't find the
> >solution to it...
> Pull them from your favorite GNU mirror and untar
> them into a directory that
> man looks at. - Yahoo! Movies
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