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RE: Make 3.79.1 - dependency checking & previous versions


Thanks for your reply.

>> It would be handy if I could pin the slowdown to a specific 
>> version of make, but I can't find any cygwin install packages
>> for any version other than 3.79.1-5.  Is there an archive
>> anywhere for old cygwin packages?

> My personal archive goes back to June 27, 2000 for 
> make, but that only gets back to make-3.79-3.

I'd really appreciate it if I could get some of those packages from you.
Can you put them online anywhere?

I had a look through the cygwin-announce list and found the following:
  2001-11-25 Updated: make-3.79.1-5
  2001-06-26 Updated: make-3.79.3-4
  2000-10-24 Updated: make 3.79.1-2
  2000-09-10 Updated: make 3.79.1-1
  2000-06-27 Updated: make-3.79-3
  2000-06-23 Updated: make-3.79-2
  2000-06-13 Updated: make-3.79-1
  2000-06-08 Updated: make-3.79

Does anyone have any of the earlier packages, or know where they can be


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