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Re: Cygwin without installing

I'm not sure just where the CD is coming into place here.  Are you
considering creating a CD to contain a runable snapshot of cygwin so you
don't have to install cygwin on a particular PC?  If the answer is yes,
then my answer is yes it can be done.  I've done it with B20 and hope to
do it again with a more recent snapshot.

It gets a little trickey.  You can't use symbolic links on the CD medium
because the ISO9660 standard does not support the notion of "system
file" attributes.  You have to handle it using mounts.

-paul mcferrin

Jorge Goncalvez wrote:
> Hi, i use and enjoy Cygwin in multiple windows platforms to run a linux
> application on windows.
> But i have a lot of times not enough space to install cygwin in the hard disk of
> my Pc's.
> I would make a cygwin CD with all the cygwin arborescence and to store only conf
> files in my hard disk.
> I wonder if it is possible(i run and need Cygwin inetd tftpd ftpd anonymous) for
> my applications.
> I someone already tried to do this?
> Thanks for all your replys that could help me in my task.
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