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Re: "Too many open files" problem

I did read the page you suggested me to read, some people replied me some
tricks to better find on the web an answer but still I found just more
questions with the same problem I have with no one to reply for a solution.
I think I did my job.

I still think that my installation is quite "normal" and that there is a
problem somewhere as suggested by the many questions about the same problem
I found. I also think that I have done all I can to try to help you in
finding the problem. I'm just suspicious about how the problem report are
handled on your side. Is it just forgotten or put on a TODO list or what?

I know you are all volunteers there, I would like to contribute if I can
(no one ever ask me for more details?!?) so this is why I wonder...

Also, if someone can explain me (I think I've got the answer but still
didn't find any doc about it) the behavior of my little perl program where
I can get as many file handle I want (this seems to not be limited by any


Christopher Faylor writes:
] On Fri, Feb 15, 2002 at 01:13:44PM -0500, Benoit Rochefort wrote:
] >In facts, I goes all thru the mailing list archive, and all I found is
] >people asking help about that problem.
] >
] >Unfortunatly, I didn't see any of these mail where a reply was done.
] >
] >Is there at least someone else who have seen that kind of problem so we can
] >find what are the common point. That could guide us to a solution and I'm
] >sure helping other people who'll get this problem in the next days...
] For a start, how about checking out: ?
] There is not necessarily anything there that will solve your problem and
] you've already done most of the groundwork but it's at least a starting
] point.
] cgf
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