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RE: Threaded Cygwin Python Problem (was Re: Creating a local mirror ...)

Jason Tishler wrote:
> Thanks for your offer to help.  See the following for more details:

I have so far been unable to cause test_threadedtempfile to
fail, although I will poke around in thread_pthread.h and
company. It will be harder for me to track since I haven't
duplicated the problem.

I had been under the impression that the community had a
better handle on the problem, just not the fix yet, after
looking at these threads:

If anyone has any more information about this problem, I'd
appreciate it (you can send to me directly--this is getting
into more detail than we probably ought to for a mailing

I can see some potential race conditions in the Python
code, but it depends on how the underlying implementation
actually works. I'll look into them.

> > Another member of my group found a problem with
> > the Solaris pthreads package that he had to work around.
> Please provide more details on the above.  Maybe the same or similar
> workaround could help for Cygwin too?

I wasn't privy to the details, although I'll shoot him an
e-mail (he's no longer with the company). From the source
code (uncommented, of course), it looks like the workaround
had something to do with signals.

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