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RE: Converting forward slashes to backward slashes

alias spss="spss $(cygpath -w $(pwd))\\" or something to that effect

Stephano Mariani

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> Sent: Friday, 22 February 2002 7 58
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> Subject: Converting forward slashes to backward slashes
> I appologize in advance if there is an all too obvious answer to this
> question.
> We have installed a statistical programing language called SPSS within
> the  CYGWIN environment. Programs run in this language execute without
> any problems. However, the SPSS compiler isn't smart enough to
> recoginize that you are trying to execute a program from within the
> current directory. Therefore, on the flag that specifies the program
> to run, you have to specify the entire path to that program file.
> Fruthermore, it is necessary to use use \'s instead of /'s when
> specifing the file name.
> Example
> spss -f C:\cygwin\home\frogpond\programname.sps > programname.lst
> I have found a way using an alias to append the path of the current
> directory to the -f flag.
> i.e.
> alias spss 'spss -f C:/cygwin`pwd`/'
> Then 'theoritically' all a person would need to do is issue the
> following comand to run the program.
> spss programname.sps>programname.lst
> However as you may have noticed, my alias uses /'s instead of \'s for
> the path. This is due to the fact that the `pwd` command returns a
> path with /'s as seperators. This works great in dynamicly identifying
> the current path. However, SPSS does not consider it a valid path, it
> requires a \ style path.
> I am a new CYGWIN users. I have read that CYGWIN has some built-in
> functionality to convert /'s to \'s. However, that functionality is
> not passed through to a flag on an executable.
> Can anyone think of a way to append the current path to the file?
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