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Re: Converting forward slashes to backward slashes

Under bash, a function would allow you more flexibility:

# Call with file name with or without the .sps on the end
function do_spss {
   file=$(cygpath -a -w ${1%.srs})
   spss -f "$file.sps" > $file.lst

This would also let you use relative Cygwin paths for the program file name.
There are several interesting utilities available under Cygwin to make this
sort of thing easier.  Look under /usr/doc/cygwin-ug-net/ for basic
documentation.  Running the commands with --help is also useful.
Mac :})
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From: "Bacon, Ray" <>
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Sent: Friday, February 22, 2002 11:58
Subject: Converting forward slashes to backward slashes

We have installed a statistical programing language called SPSS within
the  CYGWIN environment. Programs run in this language execute without
any problems. However, the SPSS compiler isn't smart enough to
recoginize that you are trying to execute a program from within the
current directory. Therefore, on the flag that specifies the program
to run, you have to specify the entire path to that program file.
Fruthermore, it is necessary to use use \'s instead of /'s when
specifing the file name.


spss -f C:\cygwin\home\frogpond\programname.sps > programname.lst

I have found a way using an alias to append the path of the current
directory to the -f flag.


alias spss 'spss -f C:/cygwin`pwd`/'

Then 'theoritically' all a person would need to do is issue the
following comand to run the program.

spss programname.sps>programname.lst

However as you may have noticed, my alias uses /'s instead of \'s for
the path. This is due to the fact that the `pwd` command returns a
path with /'s as seperators. This works great in dynamicly identifying
the current path. However, SPSS does not consider it a valid path, it
requires a \ style path.

I am a new CYGWIN users. I have read that CYGWIN has some built-in
functionality to convert /'s to \'s. However, that functionality is
not passed through to a flag on an executable.

Can anyone think of a way to append the current path to the file?

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