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Re: Hi

You need to use the setup.exe program that is available from 
to download and install any of the packages that come in the cygwin 
distribution. Simply select "gcc" from the list of packages to download 
and install, and it will install it correctly.


Deshmukh N. Gopaul wrote:

> Hello,
> I installed cygwin on my PC (intel PIII) running winXP. I want now to 
> install a C compiler like GCC, so that
> I can run some C programs. I cannot install GCC from the tar file 
> because it needs a c compiler itself for its installation.
> Where should I begin? I downloaded Borland free C compiler and installed 
> it. Entered the path in /etc/profile, and get the
> message c compiler cannot create executables. I downloaded a Redhat RPM 
> installer for cygwin, and downloaded the gcc.rpm from
> red hat, but when I run rpm --install gcc...rpm, I get the message this 
> RPM installer can work with major numbers <=3.
> Can you tell me what is the best way for someone to get GCC installed on 
> a PC which has cygwin on it?
> Thank you
> Best regards,
> Desh Gopaul

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