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Emacs for Cygwin (was: cygwin-mount.el, Using GDB in NTEMACS)

Below is Eli Zaretskii mail from 23 Feb 2002.

I think that we need a CygEmacs - an emacs that will be compiled with
the real Cygwin ported gcc (i.e. without the -mno-cygwin). CygEmacs
will have UNIX APIs for I/O (files and sockets), and M$Windows APIs
for the display and the keyboard. This is already done (partly) by the
Cygwin port of rxvt.

If this is too difficult, may be a version of Emacs for Cygwin, that
use only the UNIX APIs can be ported. This Emacs version will be used
only within Cygwin's windows - Console or rxvt (Emacs in TTY mode) or
real display (using Cygwin-Xfree).

Any of these version will solve the 2 major issues of using Emacs with
Cygwin - 1. The files (names and attributes). 2. Running of sub-shells
in Emacs (file is not tty problem). It may solve another problem that
bothers me - running a client on the PC to a server on UNIX.


    --------------- Original Eli's mail ---------------

> From: (Jari Aalto+mail.emacs)
> Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 11:29:27 +0200
> all Windows users continue complaining why Emacs does not help them
> to use Cygwin environment more easily.

They should complain to Cygwin developers.

I asked before, and I'll ask again: did someone try to talk to the
Cygwin developers about this issue?  Did someone ask them what do
they think about supporting Windows file names better, and if so,
what did they reply?

It strikes me that an important party to this discussion is strangely

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