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Re: Next version of setup.exe

On Tue, 26 Feb 2002 11:01:12 +1100 you wrote:

>It is accessible via

Maybe the 'Locate package Directory' text box could fill the width of the
dialog slightly more

Maybe its my computer but selecting the 'Cygwin Setup' item in the task bar
or clicking anywhere on the dialog except for the title bar does not top the
dialog (it does get focus though).

Using setup in two passes, one to doanload and one to install.
I selected to uninstall bison on the first pass, it was installed and there
was an update to happen.
On the second pass I was not able to uninstall as uninstall is not one of
the options but installing the latest version (which was not downloaded) was
in the list of options.
When it got to do the install there was an error indicating that the file to
install did not exist (which is correct).
This leads me to two observations: (1) what is the point of the uninstall
option in the download phase and (2) why did the install phase offer to
install a file that did not exist and did not offer to uninstall that file.

Mark Himsley
In Acton

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