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Re: Fonts and rxvt

Please don't send me personal email related to cygwin.  Keep it on the list.

Mark Sheppard wrote:

> That's something I've been wondering about so I'm glad this came
> up.  Unfortunately it doesn't work for me.  I installed that font
> (which is definitely working as it's a different size to the
> default), and I've set the CYGWIN environment variable to
> "codepage:oem" (didn't exist beforehand) but it doesn't work.  Do
> you know what might be wrong?  It's rxvt 2.7.2-10 and I'm in
> Europe so I guess Windows is using codepage 850 if that makes any
> difference.

I dunno. I guess the European cp850 may have something to do with it.  I 
created LucidaP "by hand", remapping the linedraw characters into the 
upper address space -- but that may have only been true on American 
windows/default codepade.  ??

> On a separate rxvt issue version 2.7.2-9 (IIRC) fixed the backspace
> key to generate ^? instead of ^H, but Alt-backspace is still
> generating Esc-^H rather than Esc-^?.  Also Alt-Ctrl-X where X is
> any letter doesn't seem to generate anything at all.  Please could
> these keys be fixed/added?

Don't ask me.  Ask the list or the rxvt maintainer.

> There is also redraw bug when you drag the window partially
> off-screen and back on again.  It looks like only the last exposed
> rectangle of the window is redraw and the rest get lost somehow.

Again, this is list fodder.

However, I must warn you: the answer is likely to be "patches gratefully 


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