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RE: Excessive packages installed by default

At 02/26/2002  05:11 PM, Robert Collins wrote:

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> > From: rotaiv []
>I've you've got Misc packages showing up, then you don't have a setup.ini 
>file, or have manually editied it. Misc packages are automatically 
>installed unless you deselect them.

I have a setup.ini and I have never edited this file.  I mirror the cygwin 
directory from and select install from local package and 
browse to my local mirror.  On current installations, the "Misc" categories 
do not appear when I browse to my local mirror.  However, on brand new 
installations, all the "Misc" categories appear.  I have mapped the drive 
the exact same way yet I get different results depending on whether I run 
setup against an existing install or a brand new install.

I just tried to reproduce this error and could not :(  I installed bash and 
openssh then ran setup a second time to see what happened.  It wanted to 
install extra packages but they were mostly from the "base" and none from 
"misc".  I know this has been a problem in the past but now I can't 
reproduce it.

Could it have something to do with how I execute the setup.exe and what I 
use as the base install directory?


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