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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: ghostscript-6.51-4

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The Ghostscript package has been updated to include support for the
libpng and zlib shared libraries, as suggested by Chuck Wilson.  In
addition, the package also now has a new setup.hint file included.

This release of Ghostscript is an "X-less" version, i.e. doesn't
require the cygwin-xfree libraries to run.  This version does not
support direct preview.  In order to preview Postscript output, it's
necessary to rasterize the output to a graphics format (for example,
PDF or JPEG) and viewed with a suitable viewer.

For build instructions, please read:


The instructions have also been included at the end of this message.

I want to thank Chuck Wilson for uploading the package.

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Release Notes -- GNU Ghostscript for Cygwin
Version 6.51, Release 4 (6.51-4)
(26 February, 2002)

This Cygwin version of GNU Ghostscript has been built without
support for X.  This release now supports the libpng and zlib
shared libraries (i.e. these libraries are no longer statically
linked in.)


Due to very specific requirements Ghostscript has relating to
Postscript's JPEG support, the JPEG shared library cannot be
used, and must be statically linked instead.  The source for
the JPEG library is included in the source package, ready to
build with Ghostscript.


At a minimum, you must have all the tools needed to build Cygwin
programs, i.e. make, gcc, and binutils.  In addition, the zlib
and libpng shared libraries must be included in your Cygwin
installation.  Finally, you also need to fetch the source
archive, ghostscript-6.51-4-src.tar.gz, from a Cygwin mirror

Once you have everything required for building, follow these

1. Unpack ghostscript-6.51-4-src.tar.gz (the source is
pre-patched to build on Cygwin):

    $ tar xzf ghostscript-6.51-4-src.tar.gz

2. Build from the top-level source directory:

    $ cd ghostscript-6.51 ; make -f src/unix-gcc.mak

3. Install the entire package:

    $ make -f src/unix-gcc.mak install

4. Grab the following font compressed tar files:

      gnu-gs-fonts-std-6.0.tar.gz  (required)
      gnu-gs-fonts-other-6.0.tar.gz  (optional, recommended)

   Unpack them into /usr/share/ghostscript/fonts (font directory
   contained within tar file):

    $ tar xzCf /usr/share/ghostscript gnu-gs-fonts-*-6.0.tar.gz

5. Once you install it, you can test it:

    $ gs -sDEVICE=jpeg -dBATCH -sOutputFile=tiger.jpg \

The Cygwin patches are in CYGWIN-PATCHES, along with this file.

Have fun!

Dario Alcocer -- Sr. Software Developer, Helix Digital Inc. --

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Dario Alcocer -- Sr. Software Developer, Helix Digital Inc. --


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