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Re: Building gcc-2.8.1 cross compiler.

> > I'm attempting to build gcc-2.8.1 cross compiler using the following
> > configuration..
>[why such an old compiler?]

This is the suggested version from Sony to program for the IO Processor of 
the Playstation 2.  Maybe newer versions would be ok, but this is the one 

> > ./configure --target=mipsel-scei-elfl --prefix=/usr/local/ps2dev/iop 
> > gnu-ld --with-gnu-as
> >
> > I have compiled and installed binutils-2.9.1 into /usr/local/ps2dev/iop
> > before attempting to make gcc.  I am currently getting the following 
>You don't need --with-gnu-ld, --with-gnu-as.  You do have your
>cross-binutils executables (such as mipsel-scei-elfl-as) in your path?

I found the error was related to / being converted to  \.  I did some 
hacking of the source and fixed the problem.  I've written a tutorial as 
part of my ps2 programming web site.  You can see the changes I made here..

Thanks for the ideas and feedback everyone..


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