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Re: Emacs for Cygwin (was: cygwin-mount.el, Using GDB in NTEMACS)


I am very interested in a cygwin/xfree86
emacs, because NTemacs can't be regarded
as an full emacs port, and xemacs isn't
really compatible, and much too slow.
Furthermore I believe that since the
21.1 emacs has become better than xemacs.
However I must mention that I am very
happy that xemacs is available in a
cygwin version.

In the past I tried porting emacs to
cygwin/xfree86/lesstif, however it wasn't
succesful. If anybody can help please let
me know.


FWIW, there's a true Cygwin port of XEmacs available now
(as well as a
Windows-native port). See

Jon Cast wrote:
> You wrote:
> > I think that we need a CygEmacs - an emacs that will be
> > with the real Cygwin ported gcc (i.e. without the
> > -mno-cygwin).
> I should probably point out that I am (slowly) working on
such a port
> of Emacs.

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