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Re: Cygintl-1 not found

Charles Wilson wrote:
> Stangely enough, the setup.ini entry for grep(*) specifies that it 
> depends on the 'libintl1' package.  I don't know why the package did not 
> get installed on your machine automatically (did you use setup?), but 
> the solution is to reinstall the 'libintl1' package.

Thanks you Charles for your quick and speedy reply and my apologies for not 
checking google and  first and I should know 

As to why it did not get on my system in the first place it probably did but 
 1) I was one of those keeping up with the new setup and installing upgraded 
 2) was also one of those to discover that the new setup had a problem (now 
fixed) with the last packages it was attempting to update (it was removing them 
and not updating them) 
 3) it was late in the game before I realized that this was occurring and 
therefore had no idea what packages I may have lost as a result since they 
still showed as installed although they were not
 All of this as I explained in my posting but I have no excuse for not checking 
google for an entry in Dec of 2001 for why cygintl-1 came to be and had worked 
up until I had just updated several new packages and my system had been working 
fine 5 minutes before.  I did at least relate it to the fact that I had 
probably lost something during the new setup.exe trial period as I did ask 
which package the file could be found in. You know I had been to before (in fact last night before I posted the 
message) and never noticed that search.
No excuses (just irritation) and my apologies to all for asking for help on 
something that if I had spent another hour over the one I had already spent 
trying to solve I could have fixed myself and posting to the wrong list as 

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