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Re: Bash Here - Start Cygwin from a folders context menu

On Mon, 27 May 2002, Martin Gramatke wrote:

> I tried to install something similiar for Cygwin: "Bash Here" should
> start a cygwin bash shell from a folders context menu.
> The three installation steps, as described at the end of this posting,
> works but it is not perfect.

You might have better results with the attached registry file. You need to
have rxvt and bash installed. Other than that, it is a one-step
installation and you don't need to edit any other files. It avoids using
COMMAND.COM. (And you might want to consider trying CMD.EXE instead when
you want such a thing--it will use long filenames and has many other
useful features lacking in COMMAND.COM.) It will also give you paths like
/cygdrive/c/Program Files/ instead of C:/Program Files/. Whether you want
this or not is another question.

I called the key 0cmd-rxvt so it would show up before other menu items.

Share and enjoy.
Michael Hoffman <>
The University of Texas at Austin

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