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Re: cygwin 1.13.11-3 and Xwindows


Try using the latest Snapshot, as this problem has been resolved there. 
You will also need to regenerate your /etc/passwd and /etc/groups files
once this is done.  Hope this helps.

To update to the latest snapshot, follow the directions at:


--- wrote:
> Hi,
>   I've just upgraded by cygwin installation to DLL 1.13.11-3. I'm now
> not able to start X-Windows - I get the following after doing a startx:
> waiting for X server to shut down XIO:  fatal IO error 110 (Cannot send
> after tr
> ansport endpoint shutdown) on X server ":0.0"
>       after 198 requests (196 known processed) with 3 events remaining.
> XIO:  fatal IO error 110 (Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown)
> on X se
> rver ":0.0"
>       after 44 requests (42 known processed) with 0 events remaining.
> Cygwin is running on NT workstation - SP6a. 
> The X server seems to be dying when xterm tried to start. Starting up
> the server and twm by hand, everything is fine. However, if I start an
> "xterm -hold", the xterm reports "setuid failed: Invalid arguement".
> Looking at the release notes, I see that there have been changes to the
> uid and gid code. Anything to do with it?
> Thanks
> Mark Doutre
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