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Re: Latex installation problem

Dennis Allison <> writes:

>> Dennis Allison <allison@sumeru.stanford.EDU> writes:
>> Please rerun setup.exe and make sure to install one of these.
> I installed the complete set of cygwin packages.

In that case, please post your /var/log/setup.log and
/var/log/setup.log.full, and see what happens if you reinstall

> The problem I am having seems to be related to the fact that the
> teTex/texmf shipped with cygwin is not configured to run
> out-of-the-box.

Sorry to disappoint you, but they are configured to run
out-of-the-box, and have been tested by several people to be so.
Possibly you're hit by a [new] bug, not observed before.

Did you get an error from setup.exe?  Maybe you can have a look at the


and see if all post installation scripts have been run [successfully].
A script that has been executed, has the extension `.done.'  You may
try running scripts that didn't run, by hand, but we'd like to know
about that, here.  You may also try to rerun

    bash /etc/postinstall/ 

Jan Nieuwenhuizen <> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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