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Suggestions for cron/suid script?

Hi all -

I recently got cron set up on my Win2K box. What a treat not to have to use Windows' built in scheduler! Given that cron runs as SYSTEM, what I'm wondering is this: Is there any way to get cron to see my network shares? Specifically, I'm tar/gzipping my Cygwin home dir and want to copy the tarball to a directory on my LAN (Novell share) for which my account for which my logged-in account is the only trustee. When I run a script that tries to map it with "net use", I get an error that implies a permissions issue. I'm not likely to be able to convince the network folks to change permissions to add my local SYSTEM acct to this share, so I wonder if there's some way to do it with, say, an SUID perl script or something. I briefly tried creating one, but not being super familiar with suid, I'm having no luck. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks!

Jason Dufair -
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