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Re: Latest version of SSH and WinCVS Problems

On Fri, Jun 28, 2002 at 09:00:28AM +0200, Gerrit Cap wrote:
Hello Cygwin users,

I have exactly the same problem. After upgrading to cygwin-1.3.11-3 from cygwin-1.3.10 WinCVS chokes on using the cygwin ssh. The problem is carriage return linefeed stuff related. Apparently if wincvs connects to a cvs server using ssh with the "old" cygwin dll everything works fine, but with the new cygwin dll, Wincvs gets an extra character after the ok response from the cvs server before the expected newline which resolves in the cvs program included with wincvs not recognizing the ok.

I guess something like this is happening

cvs server sends ok\n -> ssh protocol -> ssh.exe client of cygwin using 1.3.10 dll -> ok\n to WinCVS
cvs server sends ok\n -> ssh protocol -> ssh.exe client of cygwin using 1.3.11 dll -> ok\r\n to WinCVS which then says:
"cvs: update: unrecognized response: `ok
` received" as an error message

I also tried to remove cygwin and change the initial choice of "DOS" files to "UNIX" files or vice versa without result

Was there a specific reason why the cygwin-1.3.11 dll was changed for this ?

In theory it should be the other way around since 1.3.11 tries to
do everything in UNIX mode if the user doesn't say different.

Could you play with the CYGWIN setting 'binmode', please?

FYI, I see the same problem when using BitKeeper with ssh,
I tried setting CYGWIN to binmode in the control panel and reboot,
I even force setmode(.., _O_BINARY) when I setup the pipe
before I spawn ssh, no luck, ssh still want to run in text mode. I ended up grabing the ssh source, forcing a setmode(0, _O_BINARY) in the main()
of ssh.c, that did the trick. It is a good enough workaround, I suspect the real fix is in the cygwin dll. This did not happen in the cygwin 1.3.10 dll.

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