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Re: Autoconf wrapper issues

Nicholas Wourms wrote:

In my case:
autoconf --trace=AC_SUBST:'    AC_SUBST([$1])' | sort -u
autoconf -t AC_SUBST:'    AC_SUBST([$1])' | sort -u

autoconf: invalid number of arguments.
Try `autoconf --help' for more information.

However, autoconf --help shows that -t/--trace= is a valid option, so I
know the wrapper is identifying the desired autoconf as 2.53.  The same
command works fine with the same source on my linux box, incidently.  I
thought I'd see if anyone has seen this before...
in the wrapper script, we have to munge single-quote characters heavily. It's possible I missed something -- here's the relevant code:

--trace=* | -t?* )
traces="$traces '"`echo "$optarg" | sed "s/'/'\\\\\\\\''/g"`"'"
shift ;;
--trace | -t )
test $# = 1 && eval "$exit_missing_arg"
traces="$traces '"`echo "$1" | sed "s/'/'\\\\\\\\''/g"`"'"
shift ;;

and later:

if [ "x$traces" != "x" ] ; then

A few quick tests (editing the wrapper script to "echo" instead of "exec") show that something is not right...but I can't track it down right now -- and trace is fairly infrequently used.

For now, either track down the problem and send in a patch :-) or just set PATH=/usr/autotool/devel/bin:${PATH} ...


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