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Re: Setup query

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From: "Chris Game" <>
Newsgroups: gmane.os.cygwin
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 03, 2002 2:57 AM

> Thanks for the response, David, though judging by the silence from
> the experts on this it might be hard to discover what this control
> actually does. Does no-one really know? I find that hard to believe.

Funnily enough we do. And the exact behaviour of those changes was announced
here when they were made (and released).

> And more practically, the proper place for the explanation is not in
> the FAQ but on a pop-up box accessible from the setup screen. Keep
> the information near where it's needed. Cygwin may be fun to play
> with, but only if you like puzzles and have the time to unravel them.
> For real-world users it's like running a set of tools held together
> with baler twine - and each time one of them updates you have to undo
> and remake the baler twine connections all over again!

Patches are always welcome. Otherwise this is on the TODO list already, and
will be gotten to.


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