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Re: Fw: Problem with signal 21 and multiple bash windows.

On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 01:14:52AM +0100, Chris January wrote:
>> >> With latest CVS cygwin1.dll:
>> >> I click cygwin.bat, and bash opens.
>> >> I click cygwin.bat again and a console window opens, but the bash
>> >> does not appear.
>> >> Further investigation with strace shows that the second instance of
>> >is
>> >> getting signal 21 (SIGTTYIN) over and over again.
>> >> If the second instance of bash is launched using cygwin.bat from the
>> >cmd.exe
>> >> command line, the same problem occurs.
>> >> If bash is run as "bash --login -i" from c:\cygwin\bin from the cmd.exe
>> >> command line, the bash prompt appears.
>> >> If SET CYGWIN=tty is typed before running bash directly from the
>> >> command line, the bash prompt does not appear and an strace shows the
>> >signal
>> >> 21 problem.
>> >>
>> >> So it seems that setting the tty flag in the CYGWIN environment
>> >> causes the second, third, fourth, etc. instances of bash to go into an
>> >> infinite loop receiving SIGTTYIN.
>> Works fine here.
>Ok - I will try to investigate myself further then.

I meant to ask: Could you post a summary of your configuration?  OS, number of
CPUs, amount of memory?  You indicated that this happens with just CYGWIN=tty,
right?  No need to set ntsec or anything else?


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