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Incredibly Slow chmod?


Apologies if this has already been answered, but I was unable to find an
answer to this question in the FAQ or via Google; I'm sorry if I overlooked
an obvious answer.

My problem is this: the "chmod" program is incredibly slow in newer Cygwins.
on the latest install of Cygwin (done completely clean) I get 8 chmod's a
second on a 1.8GHz P4. (If I loop over the chmod() call from Perl directly,
I can get ~5000 a second.)

In version of cygwin that are a chunk older (~1 year?), we can do over 100
chmod's a second. Clearly, something has changed somewhat recently to make
the chmod program considerably less efficient. This may also be affecting
other binaries performing basic filesystems work, such as "rm". I don't

A) Is this a problem with our environment?
B) If not, is this a known bug with a workaround?
C) If not, are there plans to fix this?

I can provide a simple Perl script that just does as many chmods (of a
single file) as it possibly can in a second.


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