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Re: Accessing filenames with different charsets

On Wed, Jul 03, 2002 at 10:58:38AM +0100, you [Chris January] wrote:
> I wrote a patch for Cygwin yesterday that converts Unicode filenames to UTF8
> and back for some file operations. 


> This should do what you want and allow you to restore the names correctly
> later. I will post it to cygwin-patches sometime today, but I'm not sure
> whether the patch will appear in a Cygwin snapshot anytime soon, if not I
> can send you the modified binary and the patch directly for you to try.
> The only disadvantage with this method is it still makes the filenames
> impossible to type. However, if you have your terminal set up correctly,
> it is certainly possible to read them as they should be (e.g. in xterm
> with UTF8 support turned on). If you are using a graphical file browser
> like konqueror then that makes things even easier.

Yes, UTF8 approach is propably preferable in all ways. As for typing, I
imagine you can get the 8.3 name with

  for i in *; do echo $i: `cygpath -w -s $i`; done

so you'll be able to type some name for the file as well.

I'm really glad to see this fixed. 

What about filenames longer than MAX_PATH? Those can only be accessed with
"\\.\<path>" and unicode file functions...

-- v --

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