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Re[2]: Accessing filenames with different charsets


Is this going to be an NT-only solution or a global solution.  I only ask
because there exists a redistibutable dll from microsoft which allows for
Unicode support on Win9X/ME.  Any chance that this functionality might be
included in Cygwin?  I suppose the w32api people would have to transform
the .lib file that comes in the SDK to a unixy library, but other then
that, it should be possible.  Then you could tell people who run on such
platforms to go to the site and download the dll if they want the unicode
support.  Or better yet, since redistribution is allowed, have setup.exe
install it on demand.  I'm not too familiar with Unicode in general, so if
your solution can be implimented on Win9X/ME w/o the extra MS Library,
then forgive me for mentioning it.  Otherwise, I hope you will explore
this avenue.

The specific url is:


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