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cygwin openSSH-3.4p1 with SecureID

Hello to the Great People of Cygwin  (... my first time in this list ..)
I'm trying to compile openSSH-3.4p1 with the SecureID patch taken from:
I've managed to apply the patch , but having trouble to compile the patched
openSSH over the Cygwin platform.
this is probably since there is no cygwin SecureID agent available , so i'm
using the linux one (Redhat).
does anyone has a solution ?

also I'd like to offer these two as a permanent features in the
for the cygwin SecureID agent
for openSSH - builtin SecureID.
are there any thoughts at that direction ?

 TIA ,
 Ran Sasson ,
 Inside OutSourcing (I.O.) Ltd.

 " Take the BLUE pill - The story ends, you wakeup in your bed and believe
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